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If you’re like me, you’re idea of socializing is playing some nerdy board game with your close friends. Especially in this time when we can’t exactly go out, board games are a great way to bond with your family or housemates. Ahead is a list of some literary-inspired board games that I found on the web.

  • Bookopoly

Just like regular monopoly but with a literary twist! The properties seem to be bookstores and libraries and the “jail” is being sent to watch TV.

  • Marrying Mr. Darcy Board Game

I’m not the biggest fan of Austen, but I know a ton of people who are. For 2-6 players and taking about an hour to play, the object of the game seems to be to court Mr. Darcy and get that proposal.

  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

In this game, you’ll be presented with the opening line from a novel. Then, you have to name the title or the author of the book. It’s your chance to shine!

  • STET! Dreyer’s Game of English: A Game for Language Lovers, Grammar Geeks, and Bibliophiles Game

This is a great card game for English class. The first person to find a grammatical error on each card (or declare there are no errors by saying “STET!”) wins the round and gets to keep the card. The person with the most cards at the end of the game.

  • Trivial Pursuit Book Lovers Edition

Just like normal Trivial Pursuit but the trivia questions have everything to do with books!

  • Bring Your Own Book

This one actually sounds like a lot of fun! Just as the title of the game suggests, you and each player needs to have their own book for this game. Each card will have a prompt like “best dating advice.” Players must search their book and write a line from it, and just like Cards Against Humanity, the best or funniest answer wins.

  • Liebrary

In this game, the player who is the librarian draws a card. The card will have the title, author, and premise of the novel that the librarian reads aloud. Everyone will silently write what they think the first line to the novel would be while the librarian writes down the real one, which is written on the card. Then, everyone has to guess which one is the correct first line. Similar premise to Balderdash if you’ve ever played that!

  • Mystery at Hogwarts

This is Clue but for potterheads! The characters, rooms, and weapons are all from the Harry Potter universe.

  • 221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Again

Again, this is a Clue-esque game, but set in the Sherlock universe.

  • Book Lovers Jenga

This is just like regular Jenga only each block features a question related to a book that can help build dialogue with the players.

Each picture should have the link to Amazon. Happy playing!

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