Underrated Authors

Ever since joining bookstagram and booktok, I’ve seen all these books that I need to read. These books are super hyped up–Throne of Glass, The Cruel Prince, Fable, to name a few. But there are endless books and authors out in the world, and I’m sure there are those that don’t get the hype that really deserve it. So here is, in my opinion, a list of some underrated authors that I encourage you to check out 🙂

Sarah Dessen! She has so many books out and each story is the epitome of summer romance. Her tales also are great for coming-of-age girls (all in their teenage years) discovering truths about themselves. I started reading her books when I was twelve and now she is my auto-buy author but I never see anyone hype her up!

Margaret Peterson Haddix! She has also written more than a dozen novels, my favorite being Just Ella and its sequel, Palace of Mirrors. They were Cinderella retellings in a high fantasy setting. But Haddix mostly writes sci-fi and I actually got to meet her at a writing competition over ten years ago!

Chris Crutcher! I read a lot of this author’s books when I was in middle school from my sister’s hand-me-downs. As you can imagine, the covers looked like something that came out of the nineties and could be off-putting. But his stories are actually really compelling, often dealing with trauma, bullying, abuse, and other deep topics. I’ve read The Sledding Hill, Stotan!, and Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, but he has written a dozen more.

Patrick Ness! Maybe he has gotten a little more hype ever since A Monster Calls became a movie but I’ve never read that or watched it. What I have read, and will recommend is The Rest of Us Just Live Here. That book gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “main character energy.”

P.C. and Kristen Cast. This mother-daughter duo write one of the most compelling series I’ve read–the House of Night series. It takes place in Oklahoma, in a world where certain people are marked to be vampire fledglings, and they have to go to an academy to learn about vampirism. Not everyone survives the transition from fledgling to vampire. The series begins with Zoey being marked as a fledgling and her transition from the outside world into the vampire academy. It is such a good series with redemption arcs, betrayals, friendships, romance, heartbreak, and a classic battle between good and evil.

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