Bookish Discussion: Negative Reviews

I just finished reading this awful book–yes, I typically force myself to read through books instead of DNF’ing (did not finish) them. It was a one star read for me, but I’m hesitant to write a negative review for it, in part because I received it for free from a publishing company that hoped I would promote it if I liked it.

In general, I don’t like writing negative reviews. I know that when anyone sees criticism, they can take it quite personally. I still will write a couple lines of constructive feedback either on Goodreads or an ARC site, but I feel like it’s unnecessarily mean to write a full blog post or post on Instagram about how awful a book was.

In addition, I’m not sure if you, my readers, would be interested in seeing negative reviews, books that you may want to steer clear of thanks to bad writing. I suppose my question is this: would you be interested in seeing my one and two star reviews of books? If the answer is yes, I may start writing them. If not, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing 😉

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  1. It can be quite uncomfortable writing low star reviews can’t it. I struggle with them myself, particularly when it is a book that I have received an ARC of, I almost feel obliged to give a good review, but I don’t want be insincere. I think it’s up to you whether you include 1 and 2 star reviews, I do include them on my blog (although I haven’t had a 1 star yet) and I do read them on other blogs also, I find it interesting to see why somebody hasn’t enjoyed it as long as the review is fair. The only time I wouldn’t review would be if I had a DNF because I don’t feel I can speak on a title that I haven’t completed.

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