Bookish Discussion: Maps in Books

I love fantasy books with maps at the beginning. I love being able to flip back and check out where the characters are at in the story and what consequence the foreign countries have on the main land. I think a lot of people love this. This is why #mapmonday is a huge hashtag on Bookstagram.

I love seeing what’s important to the land–are there mountains that the hero will have to climb? A sea they will have to cross? Plus, admiring each of the countries’ and cities’ names makes me feel like a proper nerd. In Game of Thrones, you can easily tell that a place called “King’s Landing” will be the capital.

Map of Emberfall from A Curse so Dark and Lonely

While not all fantasy books have maps, when there is one, I can tell the worldbuilding will be fantastic, because not just anyone goes out of their way to create a whole topography and geography of a fake place.

Some of my favorite book maps are in Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Six of Crows, A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Cruel Prince, and The Lunar Chronicles.

Do you like maps in books? What are your favorites?

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