A Little Less Lonely Tag

I found this book tag on Misty Prose, but I don’t actually know who created it. It seems fun, so I wanted to give it a go.

A Classic that Got You: A Classic Book, Modern or Not, Where You Identified with the Main Character, or Any Character, on a Deeper Level.

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I identified with the unnamed protagonist because she is constantly in a state of doubt. When she goes from being a poor single woman to the wife of a rich man, she suffers from imposter syndrome, doubting his love and comparing herself to his dead wife. I feel like I’m always in a flux of doubt–I can’t be a real writer, a real adult, a real whatever because I’m not good enough. And just like the main character, it is my own anxieties holding me back.

A Surprise: A Book that Affected You With How Much it Surprised You

I’m very rarely surprised but I suppose I’ll say the Cursebreakers series by Brigid Kemmerer. The first one was just okay, so I was surprised by how much I loved the next two. Does that count as a surprise? Haha

A Book You Read Just at the Right Time:

Paper Towns by John Green. These characters were getting ready to graduate and say goodbye to their childhood and I read the book right when I was about to graduate high school.

A Book That Inspires You:

I just finished The Midnight Library by Matt Haig and though I only gave it three stars, it really did inspire me to appreciate life and to know that even my small decisions can affect people.

A Book That Calms You:

I guess my comfort series is the Harry Potter series for the nostalgia. I’d say those books calm me, if any do.

That’s the tag! Hope you guys enjoy!

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