What Book Characters Would Dress Up As For Halloween

Happy Halloween weekend! This is my favorite holiday. I love the whole month of October: dressing up, candy corn, apple cider, pumpkin spice, corn mazes, haunted houses. Those are a few of my favorite things. What if Halloween existed in our favorite books? Here’s the costumes I think would fit each character.

From Harry Potter:

Ginny loves to exert her dominance over her brothers. She loves to prove that she is tough, and would probably love to scare others. She has the iconic red hair. Why not dress up as Chucky?

Luna, let’s be honest, wouldn’t dress as anything traditional. If she’s going for something truly scary, she might dress as a nargle. Of course she may be the only one who knows what nargles look like…

Hermione, I think, would dress up as a princess. Though she pretends she’s not into anything frilly, she did love getting dressed up for the Yule Ball. While she will always value knowledge above all else, she will relish those rare moments she can make herself especially pretty.

Harry is sassy and a little bit silly. I can see him as an adult making the ultimate dad jokes. As such, I think it’s fitting that he be a vampire. In fact, he’d probably dress up as a vampire, unaware of their existence in the wizarding world, and everyone is shocked at his audacity.

From The Hunger Games:

Effie Trinket likes to be over-the-top, exaggerated. I bet she’d love to put on the fakest British accent. She’d so be Cruella de Vil. The fashion! The accent! The larger-than-life personality!

Meanwhile, Haymitch likes whatever takes the least amount of effort. Especially if the costume matches his booze, he’s all for it. I think he’d go as a cowboy. He even kind of looks like a cowboy, just add the hat and chaps. It will even match his flask.

Peeta is a do-gooder. Though he did commit some atrocities in the Games, he didn’t want to. Peeta wants the world to be a better place, which is why he’s drawn to superheroes–those who have the power to stop evil. Because of that, he’d dress up as Spiderman.

Meanwhile, Katniss loves fierce females. She loves to see bad governments smashed down, especially the patriarchy. She’d dress up as her own inspiration: Daenerys Targaryen.

From A Court of Thorns and Roses:

Nesta is bitter, and she sometimes love to see others cower. Especially if they’re those stupid Illyrians that think she’s a witch. To spite them, she’ll dress up as a witch and pretend to put a hex on them.

Feyre and Rhysand would be that couple who always matches their costumes. I could see them dressing up as Sandy and Danny from Grease, it’s easy, it’s sexy, and above all, matchy matchy.

Cassian is a class clown. He’d go as something sure to get laughs or at least the odd remark. He’d probably genderbend it and go as Tinker Belle.

Azriel would go as something that would be compatible with his shadows. Something he would easily be able to go spy in or be able to change quickly in case he was needed. With this line of thought, I think Azriel would be a ninja.

I was going to do more book characters, but honestly this took a lot more effort than I thought haha. But if you have more ideas for characters, let me know in the comments!

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