Book List: Urban Fantasy

My last book list was high fantasy. Now I’m turning the tables to urban fantasy, a fantasy set in the modern world. While I prefer high fantasy, I’ve crossed paths with many a good urban fantasy, too.

  • City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Age Range: 14+

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.09

15-year-old Clary witnesses a murder, but the strange tattooed murderers are invisible to everybody else and the victim has disappeared. These are Shadowhunters, dedicated to ridding the world of Demons. One such is Jace, beautiful and insufferable. Clary gets pulled into his world when her own mom disappears and she’s attacked by a demon. No one knows what a demon wants with her, least of all how she got the Sight. And the Shadowhunters desperately want to know.

  • Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Age Range: 14+

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.16

Underneath London lives monsters, saints, angels, and all those who have fallen through the cracks. When Richard Mayhew performs an act of kindness, he is launched into this Other London, where a strange destiny awaits him.

  • Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Age Range: 14+

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.98

Harry Dresden is a wizard who teams with the Chicago P.D. trying to get to the bottom of strange happenings in the everyday world. The police bring him in on a double murder case that reeks of black magic. Harry agrees to help because he desperately needs the money, but working against a Black Mage can be dangerous. And when that mage learns Harry’s name, things get interesting.

  • Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Age Range: 16+

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.04

Mac’s sister was murdered. In search for answers, Mac travels to Ireland and unlocks a power to see into the realm of fae. While she delves into the mystery of her sister’s death, her actions are shadowed by the fae Jericho, a fae known for making sex an addiction to women. And above it all, the boundaries between fae and human worlds are crumpling, and Mac must get her hand on the Dark Book to stop it.

  • A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton

Age Range: Adult

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.00

Merry Gentry lives under this false name so her aunt, The Queen of Air and Darkness, can’t find her and kill her. She fled fairie three years ago and now lives in the mortal realm as a private investigator. She thinks she is safe, but when the shadows find her, her time to run is over.

  • A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske

Age Range: Adults

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.24

Robin Blyth is stressed out, trying to be a good brother, good employee, good son to his late parents. When an administrative mistake names him civil service liaison to a hidden magical society, Robin discovers what’s been hiding beneath his reality all along. Now he must contend with magic, a curse, and terrifying visions of the future, plus a plot to expose a secret many died to keep.

  • The Keeper of Night by Kylie Lee Baker

Age Range: 3.93

Average Goodreads Rating: 13+

Half British Reaper, half Japanese Shinigami, Ren has been collecting souls for centuries, trying to avoid the higher ranked reapers who despise her. When she can’t control her Shinigami abilities, Ren must flee from London to Japan, for acceptance. In Japan, she must serve the Goddess Death of the Underworld. But even here she must prove herself worthy–she must eliminate three dangerous Yokai demons.

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