5 Characters I’d Vote for President

I’m sure we can agree the world seems like a mess right now. While it might not all be fixable, I think these characters would be great at leading in times of turmoil.

  • Ned Stark

The most honorable man in the Game of Thrones universe. True he–spoiler alert–lost his head for his honor, but wouldn’t you want an honest president over a deceitful one? I think Ned would choose the most righteous path in these tough times and do whatever he thought was right, even if it didn’t benefit him.

  • McGonagall

Arguably the most respectable professor at Hogwarts, McGonagall is loyal to no end. She would stand by and even die for her country, as she would Hogwarts. But, that does not mean she is under any illusions of the country being perfect. Just as she keeps her students in line and holds them to high standards, I can see her doing the same for her fellow countrymen.

  • Atticus Finch

Atticus stood with victims of racism and prejudice. He stood against hate crimes and judgment in a time that ran rampant with such things. He stood for justice and integrity and schooled his children those same values. I think he would be an impeccable leader in today’s world.

  • Sherlock Holmes

Okay, yes, he might be a drug addict, but he copes with that by solving crimes, becoming his new replacement addiction. Today’s world is full of crimes. Or, at least, mysteries to solve. The mystery of, how to fix this world? If Sherlock were president, he could probably come up with the best solutions to the world’s problems, because his brain is wired in a way most of ours aren’t.

  • Gandalf the Grey

From The Lord of the Rings universe, Gandalf was a big influence. He set the adventure in motion and inspired all of the characters to keep going. Someone that charismatic and inspiring would make a great leader, if he stood for good, which Gandalf would.

So what do you think? Who would you vote for?

By myadventure2017

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