Book Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (Bloomsbury YA)

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and read Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, published by Bloomsbury. I had been hesitant to start it because I knew I’d be committing to a 7 book series plus a prequel and that intimidating. But I couldn’t take seeing everyone talk about these characters I didn’t know and thanks to my friend getting me the first book as a Christmas present, I finally had an excuse to jump in.

This YA fantasy is set in a magical land called Erilea, where the king of the country Adarlan is expanding his empire by taking over other countries and banning the use of magic. Our heroine, Celeana, is a slave at the salt mines in Endovier, captured after years of being the world’s best assassin. When Prince Dorian and Captain Chaol find her there, they give her an ultimatum. She can participate in a competition to become the king’s champion assassin, and after four years be free. Fail or refuse, and she might as well die in Endovier. Easy choice. But during the competition, champions are being mysteriously killed and Celeana has to find out why or else she’s next.

My first reaction to the book was that it wasn’t as good as A Court of Thorns and Roses and that I could tell it was the Sarah J Maas’s debut. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, but there were a few things I found annoying. For example, I couldn’t care less about how pretty Celeana was but the characters would ramble on about it. She’s the world’s best assassin! There are more important things than looks. I also was a bit tired with the love triangle–especially because I already knew who I was rooting for and I predict they’ll be together by the end of the series.

That being said, I still really enjoyed the read and I got more into it the further I read. The narrative really raises the question of morality: is it ever okay to kill? Can bad people be redeemed? What’s the difference between dark magic and good magic? It also brought up questions that I expect to be answered later in the series, like knowing more about Celeana’s past, how magic and perhaps the fae will play a role, and if the king of Adarlan can be stopped.

My favorite character, of course, was Chaol. He’s bitter and sarcastic but in an endearing way. I guess I have a thing for dark-haired grumpy book boys. My second favorite was Nehemia, and I love her friendship with the main character. I hope I see more of her and her warrior-likeness in the series.

Overall, I’d give the book four stars. It was good and I expect the series to get better, but because of those pesky details I mentioned I can’t give it a full five.

Check out the book trailer here.

Sarah J Maas’s Instagram here.

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