Ways to Die in a Novel

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In my humble opinion, very few books deserve a five star rating if there isn’t some type of sacrifice, usually in the form of a character death if it’s a fantasy. However, you can say that ways characters die are unique, and not at all like it is in the real world. Plus, I know I’d die quickly in a fantasy novel. So, really this list is more like ways I’d die in a novel.

  • Rookie Mistake

I just found out a snake can still bite you with its head cut off. I wouldn’t have known that, and would have totally succumbed to the venom if I were in some action/adventure tale.

  • Falling from a great height

We all have those dreams where we are falling and wake up in our bed with a jerk. I’d turn that dream into a reality, whether by accidentally walking off a cliff or trying to get a parrot from a tree on a ladder from which I have no balance.

  • Being turned into an insect

If I was turned into a cockroach, I’d probably let someone step on me.

  • Slipping on Ice

I twisted my knee a month ago slipping on ice and it’s still injured. I’m so clumsy. I would probably slip on ice into an oncoming car, or even just slip and fall and break my neck. (Flashback to the Pretty Little Liars episode where a girl falls off a 2ft stage and dies).

  • Natural Disaster

I’m so used to tornado warnings in Ohio that I don’t even take them seriously anymore. If I was in a fictional novel and there was some sort of storm, I’d probably be like “cool, let’s watch it” and well…die.

  • Accidentally stab self

This would happen during the inevitable training sequence where I was learning to be a warrior. Oops.

  • Animal Attack

I love animals, I’d want to pet them all. Even if it’s a dragon or a chimera. At least I wouldn’t get drunk boar hunting.

  • Being Vegetarian

This won’t outright kill me but say I’m in a fantasy novel where I have to depend on the wilderness for food and I refuse to kill an animal. I’ll either starve or accidentally eat some nightlock berries.

  • If I make it through all of this, someone will probably kill me.

Not because I’m a threat, but because they just can’t put up with me any longer. Lol. Can’t blame them. I did take a self-defense course once but I don’t think that will be enough to save me.

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