Arc/Book Review: Looking for Like by Ravina Hilliard (Dawn Hill Publications)

When Dawn Hill publications reached out to me to read and review the ARC of Looking for Like by Ravina Hilliard, I couldn’t help but say yes. I’ve been in a romance mood lately, and this seemed like the perfect oppurtunity to indulge.

I recieved an e-book in exchange for an honest review, and all opinions are my own. Thank you for the oppurtunity!

In Looking for Like by Raina Hilliard, an actor, Patrick Townsend, goes for ridealongs with a tough cop, Sabrina, on the premise that he wants to help his method acting career. He’s hiding something, though, and though Sabrina doesn’t know what it is, she’s not thrilled about this ‘babysittig’ sidejob. Arguably following the grumpy woman x sunshine man trope, things start to get heated between the two–and I’m not just talking about the dangerous criminal gunfire they encounter.

There were some really great parts about this book. I thought the plot was spectacular, and the author put some great twists in the trope with the secrets Patrick was hiding. I also always appreciate a grumpy x sunshine and enemies to lovers type trope. Plus, there was clearly a lot of research with police procdurals, showing not only a romance but a subplot with the makings of a crime novel, including some great action scenes. But speaking of the romance, I also thought there was a perfect amount of spice in this book. There were only a few spicy scenes, and they were satisfyingly steamy, but not in an overbearing or off-putting way! I’ve read too many stories that incorporate spice too much for my taste, sacrificing plot for smut, and this novel did not do that.

Unfortunately, there were a few things I wasn’t enthralled by in the story. I thought parts of the story developed too quickly, specifically the attraction between Patrick and Sabrina. Sometimes it felt like one sentence she was telling him she would never sleep with him, and the next his mouth was on hers. Plus, Sabrina changed her mind so much about him and their relationship that it gave me whiplash. I suppose, though, that leads to my main concern about the story: Sabrina, the main heroine, just wasn’t likable. She was smart and strong and witty, sure, but also mean and cold. Of course a heroine doesn’t need to be likable for a story to be enjoyed, but I personally prefer it! Maybe I would have liked it better to have read more from Patrick’s perspective, though I’m glad some of that was given as well.

I’m giving this book three stars, but I’m sure this would be an enjoyable quick read for those who love romances and police procedurals! It’s action-packed, sometimes steamy, and a fun fast read! And note: it’s free on kindle unlimited.

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