Book Review: The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green (Published by Dutton)

I’ve been a huge John Green fan since I was sixteen–nearly ten years ago, when I first read The Fault in Our Stars. I have watched many of the Vlogbrothers videos and have all of his books so it was only a matter of time before I read his latest work, The Anthropocene Reviewed, even though it’s nonfiction.

I’m proud to say that John Green can even make nonfiction entertaining by adding humorous and personal touches. Essentially, this is a book about reviews. Yes, I’m reviewing a book about reviews, as John writes small essays for each chapter reviewing everything from Canada Geese to hot dogs to Mario-Kart. Altogether, though, it’s a review of the Anthropocene, or us: humans and our role in life.

I loved the format of the book as John decides to review everything and rate it on a five-star-scale, even telling us when this scale originated (later than you think) and including reviews from people on the internet. I found this vastly entertaining as something my boyfriend and I do is read reviews together; there’s something so funny about the way people rate things, and yet I appreciare the deeply personal touches they put in their reviews much like John did in this book. I also love how John goes on to rate the half-title page and his autograph in my signed edition.

While being entertaining, the book was also informational and inspiring. I learned a lot of fun tidbits and the history behind certain products that I can perhaps use when I’m on Jeopardy! someday. Maybe. I’m further inspired to try my best at protecting the environment, championing women inventors, and appreciate life in all it’s fantastic, messy, dangerous aspects.

After all, “there are no observers; only participants.”

5 stars to this book! But was there any doubt?

Find John Green’s website here.

Find vlogbrothers YouTube channel here.

Find John Green’s Instagram here.

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