My Thoughts on Spoilers

Is there anything worse than scrolling through social media and seeing a spoiler for something you’re in the middle of? Be it a tv show or a movie or a book, it can be frusturating.

This happens to me a lot. A couple months ago I was on the second to last season of The Vampire Diaries and someone posted something about the end of it and when I joked about seeing spoilers in the comments, her response was “it’s been out a long time now.” At the time, I thought, okay yeah it’s been out for years but still. Then later I saw her post spoilers for Stranger Things season 4 two months after it aired and she used the same justification. So is there really a timeline where it’s okay at some point to post spoilers without any warning?

Generally, I think no matter how much time has passed, you should always preface your posts with a spoiler warning (unless there’s just no context to it obviously). People can enjoy art decades after it comes out so thinking everyone has seen something because it’s been out for a year is not a good assumption. Especially seeing how much there is out there to take in.

Of course, I can complain about spoilers but sometimes I spoil myself. Not necessarily on purpose but if I’m halfway into a series and loving it, I get this urge to look up fanart and that never ends well for me.

Also despite my protests, UC San Diego psychology professor Nicholas Christenfeld conducted a research study that said spoilers make you enjoy the story more, partly because you can then understand the whole narrative and what’s leading to what. In a way, I can see this–and perhaps tha’s the beauty of rereading, appreciating the writing and the craft. But as an initial reader, I don’t know if I agree that’s how it works for me personally. It does depend on the story, but I really don’t like spoilers.

Tell me, what is your opinion on spoilers?

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