Bookish Discussion: Library Fines

Let’s talk library fines. A while ago, my local library did away with overdue fees, and it’s been nice not to be super stressed about turning in books on time (though I always try to!) So, is this a good thing? Should all libraries follow suit?

Part of the reason for library fees are to help the library operate. Things like overdue fines can lead to the library being able to acquire new books and put on programs.

Fines can only help keep patrons accountable for bringing back the book, rather than pilfering it away for months.

However, fines can also discourage people from using the library. Especially those who may not be able to afford to pay the fines (let alone buy the book) and may not be able get back to the library in time to return the book due to unforseen circumstances. So, rather than risk fines, they will go without reading and the use of their library.

Plus, according to an article in The Sun Papers, when Moorestown Library eliminated fines, their patrons still brought back materials on time.

It seems, to me, the biggest and perhaps only reason for fines, is to help with the library’s revenue, and they may even to make profit somewhere else.

What do you think? Fines or fine-free?

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