How To Read More Diverse

As readers in a world filled with so much uniqueness, I think it’s important to learn about experiences and cultures different from our own. Not the least because doing so builds empathy and helps us understand others. But, we also live in a world that loves to celebrate the priviliged: typically white straight men. It can be dificult not to follow the pattern of just reading from them or reading what we feel best represents us and our experience. There’s nothing wong with reading these authors, but I encourage you to branch out and learn more about others, and here are some ways you can!

When I say diverse, I mean books from authors who come from different backgrounds than you and/or are a marginalized voice. This could mean POC authors, queer authors, disabled authors, etc. And, their books will usually feature a main character that is also diverse.

One thing you can do is stick with genres you know you love. There are plenty of lists out there–just a quick google search can show you “diverse romance books” or “fantasy books by Black authors.” By sticking with what you already love, you might find new favorite books from diverse voices.

Another thing is to follow diverse creators! If you’re on Bookstagram or Booktok, look for creators that recommend diverse books. Plus, if you follow creators who are a member of a marginalized community, they can provide insight on to whether or not an author did a good job at representing that community. They, of course, are under no obligation to explain their community but I find, they still sometimes explain why a certain book didn’t live up to their expectations.

Plus, if you’re on Bookstagram or Booktok, you could also search for fun diverse readalongs and readathons to participate in. Reading can be more fun when doing it with other people or making it a challenge! Book clubs are another great way to do this.

Don’t forget to share your own favorite diverse books so that other people can find out about new book recs!

By myadventure2017

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