Best Pillows for Reading

We have less than a week until Christmas! Looking for some last minutes gifts? Here are some of the best rated reading pillows from 2022.

According to The Spruce, the best pillow is the Nestl Reading Pillow. $39. It has memory foam, arm rests, pockets!!, and a detachable nick cushion.

But, according to Medical News Today, they recommend The Husband Pillow. $100. This also has a detachable bolster pillow, a zipper to remove and add foam, and a three year warranty.

Healthline’s top recommended reading pillow is the LinenSpa Shredded Reading Pillow. $39. It’s comfortable and the memory foam helps hold its shape, though it can be a bit heavy.

Sleepopolis believes the best pillow is the Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow. $53. This is an alternative to the chair-like pillows that helps those who like to read supine support their shoulders.

Greatest recommends the UGG Clifton Backrest Pillow. $50. It’s supportive, cozy, and cheaper for a classic.

Finally, Miami Herald recommends the Malu Reading Pillow. $75. It’s made of vegan leather, has a rollout mat, and a neck strap. It is easy to clean but can’t be machine washed.

Happy shopping!

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