ARC Review: Shake That Cream by Ellen Black (E.L. Marker)

Many thanks to Booktasters and the author, Ellen Black, for the e-arc of her memoir in exchange for an honest review. Shake That Cream by Ellen Black is her memoir about how she grew up and survived in a cult, heavy with abuse and shame. When offered, I immediately jumped at the chance to read…… Continue reading ARC Review: Shake That Cream by Ellen Black (E.L. Marker)

Book Review: This Poison Heart (Bloomsbury YA)

Last summer, I ordered a one time box from OwlCrate and got this gorgeous editiion of This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron, published by Bloomsbury. It only took me six months to start reading it! This Poison Heart is a wonderful YA fantasy, a Greek mythology retelling involving Medea and Hecate. The main character, Briseis,…… Continue reading Book Review: This Poison Heart (Bloomsbury YA)

My Dream Library

My ultimate life goal is to have a private library in my house. Think the Beast’s library. Think the Baudelaire’s library. Think the library that hosts Bryaxis. It’s going to be huge. There’d be so many cozy aspects to the library to make it my ultimate dream escape. Obviously, you’d get to the library via…… Continue reading My Dream Library

Book List: Mental Health Rep

The first book list of 2023! I believe that representation in literature matters, and as a mental health counselor, I’m especially interested in books with mental health themes. I love that we are experiencing a time where self-care and mental health and experiencing mental health problems is normalized, and we are all learning to take…… Continue reading Book List: Mental Health Rep

Reading Resolutions for 2023

The New Year is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about my goals for the year. This past year, my main goal was to read 60 books–and I surpassed that by reading over 100 books! This year, I’m going to get a little more nuanced with my goals: Read 75 books this year…… Continue reading Reading Resolutions for 2023

Book Review: Kiss Her Once For Me by Alison Cochrun (Atria)

I have never read a holiday-themed book before, not unless you count A Christmas Carol and Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. So, this year, this season, I decided it was time for a change and ordered a queer holiday romcom from Book of the Month. After all, I love cheesey Hallmark romcom movies…… Continue reading Book Review: Kiss Her Once For Me by Alison Cochrun (Atria)

ARC Review: Wreckleaf by JD Steiner (Bow’s Bookshelf)

Many thanks to Anna Stileski, publisher at Bow’s Bookshelf, for inviting me to read and review the ARC of Wreckleaf by JD Steiner. Designed as a disposable novelty, Nerissa’s kind was believed to be eliminated years ago. But after a fatal act of self-defense exposes her, the local authorities offer Nerissa and her family a…… Continue reading ARC Review: Wreckleaf by JD Steiner (Bow’s Bookshelf)

Best Book Lights of 2022

Three days until Christmas! If you’re a procrastinator like me, maybe you still have shopping to do….yikes. Or maybe you’re just looking for some stocking stuffers, and if so, book lights are perfect for late night readers. Here are some of the top rated lights this year. According to Zdnet, the best book light of…… Continue reading Best Book Lights of 2022