Book Lists: Rapunzel Retellings

If you’re anything like me, you might also love fairy tale retellings with your whole heart. It’s like escaping back to childhood but with dark twists and turns. Good news is there are plenty of retellings out there–including those of our favorite long-haired princess. (Also just a quick PSA: there are some great retellings out…… Continue reading Book Lists: Rapunzel Retellings

Blog Tour: Dark Oak by Jacob Sannox

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating! This year I’m thankful to be a part of Storytellers on Tour Book Tour of Dark Oak by Jacob Sannox! Thank you so much to Storytellers On Tour (IG: @sot_tours) and Jacob Sannox (IG: @jacobsannox) for a copy of the book and for a chance to be on…… Continue reading Blog Tour: Dark Oak by Jacob Sannox

The Cake-Flavored Book Tag

Who doesn’t love cake? I like cake. Well, certain types at least. And mostly for the icing. But still, I have a huge sweet tooth, so I couldn’t resist trying out this book tag I found Chocolate Cake: A Dark Book That You Loved The Cursebreakers trilogy by Brigid Kemmerer, starting with A Curse So…… Continue reading The Cake-Flavored Book Tag

Book Lists: Forced Proximity

You’re snowed in a cabin with your “worst enemy.” The elevator stops and it’s just you and your new, handsome, off-limits boss stuck inside. You’re stranded in the middle of nowhere with the guy you’ve been flirting with. Forced proximity is an excuse to get two characters together and creates the perfect tension to see…… Continue reading Book Lists: Forced Proximity

Book List: Urban Fantasy

My last book list was high fantasy. Now I’m turning the tables to urban fantasy, a fantasy set in the modern world. While I prefer high fantasy, I’ve crossed paths with many a good urban fantasy, too. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare Age Range: 14+ Average Goodreads Rating: 4.09 15-year-old Clary witnesses a murder,…… Continue reading Book List: Urban Fantasy

The Harry Potter Book Tag

I love Harry Potter (but not the author). It’s full of childhood nostalgia and the first thing my boyfriend and I bonded over. I also love book tags, and doing ones from years ago that I find on Pinterest. So, let’s go! This is the Ultimate Harry Potter Tag created by Isabeau’s Literary Musings. Round…… Continue reading The Harry Potter Book Tag

Book Lists: Books With Faeries

Because who doesn’t automatically fall in love with the high fae??? A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas Genre: Fantasy Average Goodreads Rating: 4.18 When Feyre kills a faerie, she is dragged to the magical world Fae world, doomed to live there as reparation. But even as Feyre’s feelings soften for her…… Continue reading Book Lists: Books With Faeries

Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller (Bloomsbury Publishing)

I’m loving seeing all these Greek mythology retellings coming out. I acquired Circe by Madeline Miller, published by Bloomsbury Publishing, last month and have been so excited to read it. When I saw a reading prompt to read a book based off mythology, I knew exactly what to pick. Madeline Miller has taught high school…… Continue reading Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Book Lists: Books With Jewish Rep

In my last Book Lists post, I talked about the importance of representation and gave some recs for books with Black characters. You can read that post here. In the same spirit of diversity and representation, I want to give some book recs with Jewish characters. And these books will not be about World War…… Continue reading Book Lists: Books With Jewish Rep

Book List: Books With Black Protagonists

Representation is so important. It shows readers they are not alone and that they can be a hero. It can also show readers what it’s like not to be like them. It builds empathy and unity through our diversity. I’ve been seeing a lot more books out with POC main characters and I am loving…… Continue reading Book List: Books With Black Protagonists