My Dream Library

My ultimate life goal is to have a private library in my house. Think the Beast’s library. Think the Baudelaire’s library. Think the library that hosts Bryaxis. It’s going to be huge. There’d be so many cozy aspects to the library to make it my ultimate dream escape. Obviously, you’d get to the library via…… Continue reading My Dream Library

Reading Resolutions for 2023

The New Year is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about my goals for the year. This past year, my main goal was to read 60 books–and I surpassed that by reading over 100 books! This year, I’m going to get a little more nuanced with my goals: Read 75 books this year…… Continue reading Reading Resolutions for 2023

Best Book Lights of 2022

Three days until Christmas! If you’re a procrastinator like me, maybe you still have shopping to do….yikes. Or maybe you’re just looking for some stocking stuffers, and if so, book lights are perfect for late night readers. Here are some of the top rated lights this year. According to Zdnet, the best book light of…… Continue reading Best Book Lights of 2022

2022 Book Superlatives

It’s nearing the end of the year. Eveyrone is sharing their Spotify wrapped, looking back on memories, and recounting the best of the year. So, why not do a reading wrapped? This is what my 2022 looked like. Here are my book awards: Favorite Read of the Year: Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey…… Continue reading 2022 Book Superlatives

Bookish Hotels

Planning any trips for the holidays? Or just dreaming of a getaway for the future? Here are some fun hotels to stay in for the bibliophile. Oscar Wilde Suite, L’Hotel, Paris, France This room in the L’Hotel is dedicated to their most famous resident, Oscar Wilde. Some ammenities it includes are breakfast, private terrace, walk-in…… Continue reading Bookish Hotels

Gifts for Every Type of Reader

I’m a last minute gift buyer, but it’s time to start at least thinking about what to get people for Christmas. For those of you who still need to complete your shopping list or for those of you who haven’t started, like me, here are some ideas for every type of reader in your life.…… Continue reading Gifts for Every Type of Reader

How To Read More Diverse

As readers in a world filled with so much uniqueness, I think it’s important to learn about experiences and cultures different from our own. Not the least because doing so builds empathy and helps us understand others. But, we also live in a world that loves to celebrate the priviliged: typically white straight men. It…… Continue reading How To Read More Diverse

Bookish Discussion: Library Fines

Let’s talk library fines. A while ago, my local library did away with overdue fees, and it’s been nice not to be super stressed about turning in books on time (though I always try to!) So, is this a good thing? Should all libraries follow suit? Part of the reason for library fees are to…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Library Fines