Book Review: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn (Simon & Schuster)

I first found Legendborn by Tracy Deonn, published by Simon & Schuster, through Bookstagram and it looked brilliant. YA fantasy/king Arthur retelling? Sign me up. Naturally, when I saw the book in the bookstore, I had to have it. It was on my backlist TBR for a while but this month I finally picked it…… Continue reading Book Review: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn (Simon & Schuster)

5 Books that Should Become Classics

Books we consider classics today were once pop culture, books that the average person read. Some people used to look down on them for reading something so ‘modern.’ Today’s pop culture is full of amazing literature that could stand the test of ages. Here is my prediction and opinion of what could become classics. Harry…… Continue reading 5 Books that Should Become Classics

Bookish Playlist: Heartbreak

This playlist I’ve created on Spotify is dedicated to those moments when the main character breaks up with their love interest. When things seem hopeless and their heart is breaking. When the relationships just don’t work out. Circles-Post Malone -Standout Lyric: “Seasons change and our love went cold.” Falling-Harry Styles -Standout Lyric: “I’m in bed…… Continue reading Bookish Playlist: Heartbreak

Children’s Books About Disabilities

Representation is extremely important in the roles of media and literature. Fortunately, I’ve been seeing a lot more representation of LGBTQ+ and POC lately, though there can always be more. One topic I find lacking among the popular culture though is that of disability. I was in a car accident with my family two years…… Continue reading Children’s Books About Disabilities