Disney Sidekick Book Tag

A new day, a new tag. I love books and I love Disney, so this seemed like the perfect tag to do. This tag was created by Mandy @Book Princess Reviews. Mushu from Mulan/ Olaf and Sven from Frozen: The Comic Relief -Name Your Favorite Hilarious Character or Your Favorite Comedy/Funny Book I read so…… Continue reading Disney Sidekick Book Tag

Bookish Playlist: Friends to Lovers

Another day, another playlist. Though I know some think of friends to lovers as a boring trope, I’ve always thought it was cute. As a kid, I wished I lived next door to a cute boy my age that I could be friends with and eventually fall in love. Friends to lovers reminds me of…… Continue reading Bookish Playlist: Friends to Lovers

Book Lists: The Redemption Arc

My favorite trope of all time is when a character gets a redemption arc. It doesn’t even have to be the villain but it is so much better if it is. Think about how Crowley in Supernatural went from an antagonist to a lovable uncle who is a bit odd. Think of any character who…… Continue reading Book Lists: The Redemption Arc

Book List: Wizard of Oz Retellings

Retellings is my favorite subgenre ever. I’m a sucker for fantasy and fairy-tales, so a good retelling of an old classic is heaven to me. But where to start? There are so many tales that could be retold. So, why not start with the great wizard? With the retellings of the story I was obsessed…… Continue reading Book List: Wizard of Oz Retellings

Books That Would Make Great Musicals

I love reading. I love musical theatre. What is all this talk of making books into movies and tv shows? Wouldn’t it be much more epic if our favorite books were made into hit Broadway shows? Here are some books I think would be great for the stage. The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee…… Continue reading Books That Would Make Great Musicals