Bookish Guide to Aesthetics

I think the idea of “the aesthetic” has really taken over in the last few years. There’s so many quizzes on the web asking “are you more dark academia or cottagecore?” What does that mean, and how do I apply that in terms of books? In my observations, the main aesthetics are: Cottagecore, Light Academia,…… Continue reading Bookish Guide to Aesthetics

The Stay at Home Book Tag

Princess of Paperback on YouTube created this tag when we were all first in quarantine and lockdown. Even though we all have the vaccine now and things are hopefully calming down, I still hate leaving the house. So, this might always be appropriate for me to do. Laying in Bed: A Book You Read In…… Continue reading The Stay at Home Book Tag

Book Lists: Deadly Deals

A great book trope is when the protagonist has to bargain with someone (or something) more sinister. Maybe it’s a literal deal with the devil, playing the fiddle for their soul. Maybe it’s with a witch who wants their firstborn. But there are times when the main character is so desperate, they’ll strike a deadly…… Continue reading Book Lists: Deadly Deals

Book Lists: Books with Assassins

I think it’s fair to say we love morally grey characters, especially ever since we’ve realized the world isn’t black and white. Sometimes, readers even fall for the villain, if he’s dark and handsome enough. And then, some of the best books have leading killers with awesome skills and who put the sass in assassinate.…… Continue reading Book Lists: Books with Assassins

5 Books that Should Become Classics

Books we consider classics today were once pop culture, books that the average person read. Some people used to look down on them for reading something so ‘modern.’ Today’s pop culture is full of amazing literature that could stand the test of ages. Here is my prediction and opinion of what could become classics. Harry…… Continue reading 5 Books that Should Become Classics

Bookish Discussion: Required Reading

In every school I know of, kids are required to read certain books throughout the year, handpicked by the district curriculum. Some schools even require that kids read specific books over the summer. Now summer reading was one of the highlights of my summers, showing again what a total nerd I am. Each year we…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Required Reading