Do YA books have merit?

Yes. In my opinion, they do. I think reading is reading and you shouldn’t be ashamed for liking what you like. However, some people think otherwise. Some people “hmm” and “haw” at the idea of reading young adult or “teen” novels. They think that it is not as sophisticated as classics or nonfiction books. As…… Continue reading Do YA books have merit?

TBR Pile

If you’re like me, you have reading lists that will never be completed. I will die before I read everything I want to–which is pretty much every book in the world. That being said, I own a fair amount of books now I haven’t gotten around to reading. Some are at my family home and…… Continue reading TBR Pile

Bookstagram Newbie Tag

I found this book tag for new bloggers by Homework and Horseplay. I thought I’d give it a try. 1. Why do you love to read? I love adventure. I love being transported to different worlds and being able to feel like I’m doing something big through the eyes of a protagonist. 2. Do you…… Continue reading Bookstagram Newbie Tag

Book Quotes

Over the past decade or so, I’ve been trying to jot down the best quotes from the books I read–quotes that take my breath away. I forget to write these down a lot, but I have collected quite a few. Recently I uncovered the notebook I had kept these quotes in and wanted to share…… Continue reading Book Quotes

Children’s Books About Disabilities

Representation is extremely important in the roles of media and literature. Fortunately, I’ve been seeing a lot more representation of LGBTQ+ and POC lately, though there can always be more. One topic I find lacking among the popular culture though is that of disability. I was in a car accident with my family two years…… Continue reading Children’s Books About Disabilities

August 9th is National Book Lover’s Day!

Today is book lover’s day in the USA as well as many other countries! The creator and origin of this unofficial holiday is yet unknown but the idea is take some time today to de-stress without technology and with a book. A day perfect for bibliophiles. Here are some fun facts on the history of…… Continue reading August 9th is National Book Lover’s Day!

Romance Awareness Month

For fun, I thought I’d look up August quirky national and international holidays that often go amiss. There’s actually a lot for August–national ice cream sandwich day, bow tie day, and underwear day, to name a few. But what I found interesting was the whole month of August is dedicated to Romance Awareness! According to…… Continue reading Romance Awareness Month