Gifts for Every Type of Reader

I’m a last minute gift buyer, but it’s time to start at least thinking about what to get people for Christmas. For those of you who still need to complete your shopping list or for those of you who haven’t started, like me, here are some ideas for every type of reader in your life.…… Continue reading Gifts for Every Type of Reader

Bookish Discussion: Library Fines

Let’s talk library fines. A while ago, my local library did away with overdue fees, and it’s been nice not to be super stressed about turning in books on time (though I always try to!) So, is this a good thing? Should all libraries follow suit? Part of the reason for library fees are to…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Library Fines

A Little Less Lonely Tag

I found this book tag on Misty Prose, but I don’t actually know who created it. It seems fun, so I wanted to give it a go. A Classic that Got You: A Classic Book, Modern or Not, Where You Identified with the Main Character, or Any Character, on a Deeper Level. Rebecca by Daphne…… Continue reading A Little Less Lonely Tag

The Netflix Book Tag

Another day, another tag I randomly found. This one was created by A Darker Shade of Whitney on YouTube, but I found it on This Splendid Shambles blog. Recently Watched: The Last Book You Finished Reading The book I last finished was A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer. This is a beauty…… Continue reading The Netflix Book Tag

Bookish Discussion: Maps in Books

I love fantasy books with maps at the beginning. I love being able to flip back and check out where the characters are at in the story and what consequence the foreign countries have on the main land. I think a lot of people love this. This is why #mapmonday is a huge hashtag on…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Maps in Books

Bookish Discussion: Judging a Book By The Cover

“Don’t judge a book by a cover” is a popular saying meaning we shouldn’t judge people based on appearances. In reality, it’s a lot harder to not make snap judgements, and when taken literally, I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t judged a book by the cover. Haven’t you ever bought a book because of the…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Judging a Book By The Cover

5 Books that Should Become Classics

Books we consider classics today were once pop culture, books that the average person read. Some people used to look down on them for reading something so ‘modern.’ Today’s pop culture is full of amazing literature that could stand the test of ages. Here is my prediction and opinion of what could become classics. Harry…… Continue reading 5 Books that Should Become Classics

Bookish Discussion: Required Reading

In every school I know of, kids are required to read certain books throughout the year, handpicked by the district curriculum. Some schools even require that kids read specific books over the summer. Now summer reading was one of the highlights of my summers, showing again what a total nerd I am. Each year we…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Required Reading

Bookish Discussion: Negative Reviews

I just finished reading this awful book–yes, I typically force myself to read through books instead of DNF’ing (did not finish) them. It was a one star read for me, but I’m hesitant to write a negative review for it, in part because I received it for free from a publishing company that hoped I…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Negative Reviews