Bookish Discussion: Dark Topics in Young Books

Even as an adult I love YA books. I will never stop reading young adult. But, I do remember that these books are mainly targeted towards teenagers. And, having recently gotten into middle grade, I know the main audience for those books are ages 8-12. So, how dark can and should an author get in…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Dark Topics in Young Books

Bookish Discussion: Judging a Book By The Cover

“Don’t judge a book by a cover” is a popular saying meaning we shouldn’t judge people based on appearances. In reality, it’s a lot harder to not make snap judgements, and when taken literally, I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t judged a book by the cover. Haven’t you ever bought a book because of the…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Judging a Book By The Cover

Book Lists: Books with Indigenous Rep

Canada Day recently passed on July 1, essentially Canada’s own independence day. However, there has been a lot of controversy around it. This is because only weeks ago there was a discovery in Canada of children’s remains on unmarked graves at the site of former residential schools. Residential schools were forced assimilation schools indigenous children…… Continue reading Book Lists: Books with Indigenous Rep

Bookish Discussion: Required Reading

In every school I know of, kids are required to read certain books throughout the year, handpicked by the district curriculum. Some schools even require that kids read specific books over the summer. Now summer reading was one of the highlights of my summers, showing again what a total nerd I am. Each year we…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Required Reading

Bookish Discussion: Negative Reviews

I just finished reading this awful book–yes, I typically force myself to read through books instead of DNF’ing (did not finish) them. It was a one star read for me, but I’m hesitant to write a negative review for it, in part because I received it for free from a publishing company that hoped I…… Continue reading Bookish Discussion: Negative Reviews