Book List: “Inside is Safe” Dystipias

Since I was twelve, I’ve loved all things dystopias. How dark can the future get? Okay, maybe today it’s more reality than science fiction but I still like reading them. Especially the kind were the government tries to keep you “inside” the community. Don’t go past the wall…there’s danger out there. And of course, it’s…… Continue reading Book List: “Inside is Safe” Dystipias

Bookish Playlist: Dystopian

It’s time for another book themed playlist! Today I will be focusing on a genre: dystopian. AKA a futuristic society where the government rules with a heavy hand and there is injustice. It’s one of my favorite sub-genres. I’m a Wanted Man-Royal Deluxe -This song has Rowan Damisch energy from Scythe Let Me Live/Let Me…… Continue reading Bookish Playlist: Dystopian

Book vs Movie: The Hunger Games

My philosophy is that the book is always better. I even have a pin that says that! But some film adaptations are better than others. And some film adaptations are more popular than others. One trilogy that swept popular culture was The Hunger Games and I was obsessed, to the point I tweeted countdown quotes…… Continue reading Book vs Movie: The Hunger Games