Fictional Relationship Superlatives

You know in high school when people were voted “most likely to succeed” and “most talented”? Or was it just my high school that did that?

Well, I thought it would be fun to look at some fictional couples and friendships and do the same! Some spoilers may be ahead but I’ll do my best to steer clear of that!

Sexiest Couple:

Rhys and Feyre from A Court of Thornes and Roses by Sarah J. Mass. Ughh these books made me fall in love with faeries and there are definitely some risque scenes. Especially some involving paint…

Most Supportive Couple

Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars. Support is important in every relationship, though it may be more important to some than others. Like if one or both participants in the relationship are suffering from cancer. Yeah, they definitley need some social support. The way Augustus is always there for Hazel, to the extent where he (spoiler) uses his one wish on her. Plus they are both supportive of their friend, Isaac, and his own surgery too!

Best “Enemies to Lovers” Couple

Anne and Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables. So they weren’t exactly enemies per se, but she definitely didn’t like him at first. And, my middle school self ate up their slow burn romance.

Best “Childhood Friends to Lovers” Couple

Laurie and Amy from Little Women. Okay, I really wish Laurie ended up with Jo, but Laurie and Amy are also a super cute couple who started out as friends when they were just kids. And even as adults, you can see the fun-loving way they interact with each other and how they still play!

Best “Cool Kid and Loser” Friendship:

Glinda and Elphaba from Wicked. While it took them a while to reach friendship level, the popular “good witch” eventually finds affection for the frumpy green gal we all love. Their friendship, though, is so much more than their dynamics of popularity. Their friendship also goes through stages of loyalty and betrayal and figuring out what is right when everything seems so wrong.

Best “Forbidden” Friendship

Albus and Scorpius from The Cursed Child. While there are so many things wrong with this book/play, I can appreciate these two friends who stick together even though their parents won’t allow it. We all know the star crossed lovers trope, but this is the star crossed friendship.

Best Bromance

Sherlock and Watson from Sherlock. This a bromance that I kind of even ship romantically, but since their love isn’t canon, we will stick with it as a friendship. They lived together and Watson helped Sherlock solve mysteries and Sherlock tries to be as supportive as a highly-functioning sociopath can be.

Best Trio of Friends:

Obviously, this has to be Ron, Harry, and Hermione from Harry Potter. They always have each other’s backs even when one of them is being dumb. Someone is always a third wheel–they all take turns being one. Plus, they fight evil together.


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  1. The golden trio of Harry Potter- loved them for a long time

    In terms of musical theatre, the friendship I think of automatically is Elphaba and Glinda. After all, their relationship is the center core of that musical.

    I am both a bookworm and musical theatre fanatic

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