How to Review Books

Though I have taken a little time off from proper book reviews here, I usually do a lot. I try to review every book I read. There isn’t perse a right or wrong way to review books; everyone finds different formulas that work for them. There are still some things I want to try; I’ve seen people review books by providing live updates as they read or a list of “five reasons you should read this book.” I found a simple formula that works for me.

First, I typically introduce the book I’m talking about and why I chose to read it, followed by its synopsis. I try to also include an about the author section.

Next, I list all the things I loved about the book, whether it’s the tropes, the character development, or the worldbuilding. This, naturally, is followed by what I didn’t like about the book. Was the pacing off? The dialogue cheesy?

My closing paragraphs typically include a star rating out of five and who I’d reccommend the book to, if anyone. I pretty much never do blog reviews of books I rated under three stars. I also, throughout, try to include links and images of the book and related subjects.

If you’re looking into reviewing books, I hope this helps!

By myadventure2017

Writer, Reader, Bookstagrammer, Booktoker, Blogger

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