Bookstagram Tips

In quite a few of my posts, I’ve referenced bookstagram–an instagram dedicated to books and book lovers. My bookstagram is living_for_literature (and that’s my shameless plug) and I thought it was about time I share some tips I’ve found over the last year and a half. Whether you’re thinking about making a book instagram account or want to hear some tips, this post is for you.

Tip #1: Have a theme or aesthetic.

I like to change mine up with the seasons, so it’s not something you have to commit to forever. But, it makes a page look nice if the grid has the same background or filters or something that connects the pictures.

Tip #2: Only accept ARCs you’re passionate about.

ARC stands for advanced reader copy. Once you get going on a platform like bookstagram and start gaining followers, chances are authors and publishers may reach out to you asking if you want to read their book and review it. I have a hard time saying no, but if you say yes to everything, you’ll drown under the responsibility of reading and reviewing every book.

Tip #3: Be consistent.

I have a goal to post every day but that can be unrealistic for some. But posting a few times a week at least will help keep your followers engaged.

Tip #4: Try to use natural sunlight.

I don’t have any fancy photography lights (and you don’t need them to start an account!) But, I have noticed that pictures are not as good quality if I use my yellow overhead lights. I try to do most of my picture-taking in the day, using the natural daylight streaming through the window.

Tip #5: Engage with other bookstagrammers!

Engaging with others will encourage them to engage with you. Plus, you might even find some new friends.

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