Gifts for Every Type of Reader

I’m a last minute gift buyer, but it’s time to start at least thinking about what to get people for Christmas. For those of you who still need to complete your shopping list or for those of you who haven’t started, like me, here are some ideas for every type of reader in your life.

  • Literary Snob

This is the classicist, who loves books written before 1950. They’ve probably read all of Austen, Bronte, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, and Hugo.

The Gift: Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist by Tim Federle.

Drinks modeled after all the classics this reader read, and maybe they’ll be down for hosting next year’s holiday party with this idea.

  • Book Clubber

This reader joins all the book clubs, lives for buddy reads, and if a celebrity recommends it, she’s there.

The Gift: A book club definition t-shirt.

She’ll appreciate the humor in this, and if you are in the same book club, it’s a great gift for you all to share.

  • Polygamist Reader

This reader reads multiple books at the same time. He doesn’t have the patience to wait until one story is finished before jumping into another.

The Gift: TBR Tarot Cards

Since he isn’t going to wait, he might as well find out what his next read is with these!

  • Digital Reader

This reader reads almost exclusively e-books. Their Kindle or their tablet is their best friend. They always talk about how much room they have since their books are digital.

The Gift: Personalized Kindle Case or Sleeve

This way they can tote around their hundreds of books without them being open to the elements.

  • Spoiler Lover

This is the kind of reader that reads the last page first. She will look up things about the characters before she finishes the book. She wants all the tea spilled before she has the chance to drink it.

The Gift: Book Darts Line Makers

This way she won’t lose her place when she flips to the last page.

  • Nonfiction Lover

This is the reader that loves nonfiction and learning new things, rather than escaping into fictional worlds. He likes science, pop psychology, and quirky memoirs.

The Gift: History Buff Candle

Seeing as he reads all nonfiction, he probably knows all things history, and thus will appreciate this candle to accompany his reading time.

  • YA Fanatic

This is the reader who loves young adult books, no matter how old they get. There’s something magical to them about YA themes of identity and discovery.

The Gift: A Signed John Green Poster

If they read YA, you can be 99% sure they’ve read John Green–and enjoyed it! This poster will make an excellent decoration for their bedroom walls.

  • Writer-Reader

This is the reader that also writes. She dreams of being a bestselling author like all the ones she reads. When she’s not reading, you bet she’s bent over a journal or a word document.

The Gift: Aqua Notes

Let’s be honest, some of the best ideas come in the shower. This way your writer friend can be sure to jot down ideas whenever they come to her!

  • Annotator

This is the reader who likes to take notes on what they read. He will mark up texts. He loves tabbing books. He may even have some fan theories of his own.

The Gift: Annotation Kit

You can bet this type of reader never has enough tools to annotate his book, and he can use all he gets.

  • Film Buff

This reader loves books and movies. They always read a book if they know its adaptation is on the way. They may even like to compare and contrast the two mediums.

The Gift: Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

This way they’d have all the snacks ready for both reading the book and then watching its movie adaptation.

  • Hopeless Romantic

This reader loves romance books. She’s a sucker for romcoms. She probably texts mushy stuff to her partner or dreams of having the perfect meet cute with a tall, dark, handsome stranger.

The Gift: Sentimental Spoons

These are cute, romantic, and paired well with tea which many book lovers like.

Happy holiday season and good luck shopping for everyone on your list!

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